Welcome to the U.S.S. BortaS

U.S.S. BortaS is the Urbana, Illinois chapter of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association.
Established in 2000, the USS BortaS has become a leader in community service in the area. She has distinguished herself by being selected as Ship/Shuttle of the Year in Region 12 three times. Her marines have also been selected as Brigade Strike Group of the Year for 5 consecutive years.

The crew of the BortaS is a fun loving group with a collectively strange sense of humor. Because "BortaS" is the klingon word for revenge, we applied our brand of logic and decided that the BortaS is the Star Trek equivalent to the Dread Pirate Roberts' pirate ship Revenge from "The Princess Bride".

We also enjoy going out and helping in the local community. We've done walk-a-thons, chili suppers, gift wrapping, we even spent a frigid weekend or three ringing bells for charity during Christmas shopping season.

The USS BortaS also serves as the flagship of the STARFLEET Marine Corps.

Come inside, have look around. We think you'll find something special here that you want to join.


News Notes:

Website administration now conducted by SGT Chad Steinberg. Welcome Chad!


The next meeting of the USS BortaS will be on:
15AUG2015 at: 1100 hours.
The meeting will be held at:
Community Park
St. Joseph, Illinois
Special Instructions:
Call Allen if you need directions.

The next mission of the USS BortaS will be:
Illinois Sector Summit
and will be held at:
Community Park, St. Joseph, Illinois
on: 15AUG2015
at: 11:00 AM